Whether you are buying or selling here are some helpful Moving tips.

Help yourself to a better move by planning

Initial Plan
Have an inventory session. Decide what to move, what not to move
Make arrangements for your trip. That is hotel, airline reservations etc.
Schedule a moving sale for items you won't move. Donat4e other items to charitable organizations (get receipts for tax records).
Arrange for packing.
Gather personal records: medical, dental, school, birth, baptismal, marriage etc. Arrange to send transcripts of school records in advance to new schools.
Close local department store and other charge accounts
Arrange with employer to forward tax withholding forms
Make arrangements to discontinue:
Newspaper delivery
Water softener service
Electricity (the day after you move check for refund)
Water service
Gas service (check for refund)
Telephone service (schedule the day after your move, just in case something goes wrong)
Fuel or oil delivery
Garbage collection
Diaper service
Lawn/pool service
Internet/Cable service
Make arrangements for these services in your new location
Notify others of your change of address
Post office
Social Security Office
Insurance companies
Credit cards
Friends and Relatives
Mail order accounts

Just before you move:
Fill and transfer prescriptions for family and pets. Pack them to travel with you
Arrange for shipment of plants and pets. Get immunization records for pets
Safely dispose of or give away all flammables (paints, paint removers, propane tanks, etc) as they cannot be moved due to Department of Transportation.
To prevent possible problems, such as mildew, thoroughly air-dry your refrigerator and freezer.
Arrange for disposal of frozen foods (sell, give away or eat)> Clean oven
Drain fuel and oil from lawnmowers and other power equipment
Drain garden hoses
Pack items to be carried in care. Label "Do not move" for the movers
Gather valuables from safe deposit box, drawers, jewelry cases, personal records, etc. Valuable items like these should travel with you not in a moving van.
Send clothing, draperies, curtains, rugs out for cleaning and leave in wrapping. Take down curtain rods, shelving and antennas if they are not stay with your home
Have your car serviced for the trip and proof of insurance in your car.
Moving Day:
Remember to pack a box of the basics you'll need on move-in day (tools, paper products, all-purpose household cleaners etc) Be sure to have it loaded last so that they will be first off at your new home
Pack suitcases for your trip
Remove all bed linens
Be available to check items on the inventory sheet
Conduct a last minute walk-through with your van operator. Make sure windows are closed; closets are empty, lights out and doors locked.
Delivery Day:
Be available to check off items on the inventory as they are removed from the van.

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