Chester and Montgomery County residents will see increases in county property taxes this year, while Delaware County taxes will remain the same in 2017.
Chester County - The Chester County commissioners adopted a 2017 budget that will see county property taxes increase slightly for the first time in five years. According to figures released earlier this year by county Chief Operating Officer Mark Rupsis, the owner of a home valued at $166,630 — the median assessed value in the county — would pay a projected tax bill of $728, an increase in county property taxes of $34.33. Rupsis said it worked out to an increase from 4.163 mills in 2016 to 4.369 mills in 2017, an increase of about two-tenths of a mill, or 4.9 percent.  A mill is $1 for every $1,000 of a property’s assessed value. “Led by our strategic priorities, including public safety and balanced growth, Chester County continues to invest in projects, programs and services that will benefit our residents now and into the future,” said commissioners’ Chairman Terence Farrell in a news release.
Delaware County – For the third consecutive year, Delaware County Council passed a 2017 budget with no tax increase. The tax rate remains at 5.604 mills, or 56.04 cents on each $100 of assessed value. It includes a tax for general purposes of 4.701 mills and a tax for debt service of 0.903 mills. While the county budget process did not face the state budget impasse of last year, the state Supreme Court ruling in Mount Airy LLC V. the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue had the capacity to hold up more than $4 million of funding. Last month, county council unanimously approved a memorandum of understanding between itself, Chester City and Chester Downs and Marina LLC, the owner of Harrah’s Philadelphia. In it, Harrah’s agreed to continue to pay the county and the city the amount equal to what they pay through the local share assessment until the state legislature creates a remedy.
Montgomery County - Montgomery County commissioners passed the 2017 budget with an 11 percent tax increase. The budget will dedicate a portion of its millage (0.39 mills) to funding Montgomery County Community College at a rate of about $22.3 million for 2017, more than $4 million above prior funding levels. The tax increase will add $66 to the tax bill of a home assessed at the county average of $300,000. Montgomery County will still have the lowest tax rate of any county in the Philadelphia region (3.849 mills). The commissioners increased the hotel room rental tax from 1 percent to 2 percent. The revenue will go to the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board, which promotes tourism in Montgomery County.
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